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 about me 


Height: 5'2"  |   Eye Color: Brown   |   Hair Color: Dark Brown (Any Available)

I am a mixed media artist, published author and voice actor! I feel that I have a personal vision that allows me to utilize my gifts and talents in the most creative of ways. I love and appreciate cultural differences in the world, and that directly translates into my works, including my ability to learn elements of languages, accents and dialects quickly. My mix of technique, quality, and attention to detail still allows me to step into any challenge and fosters my creativity.


For me, developing and sharing my art is an extension of the love I feel for my human brothers and sisters, as well as the admiration and appreciation I have for the natural elements, and my ancestry. I transfer many elements of my dreams directly to whatever media allows me to express my talent!

I  work in abstract forms and love relief work, as well as more structured types of art, including canvas work, welding, small metal arts, jewelry, and fiber art.


I was previously a musical recording artist, and enjoyed playing several musical instruments. Currently, I am also a vocal artist/character voice actor, and am currently developing an animation based upon my published children’s books (Sowaseed and Operation No Scrub).​ I welcome all opportunities to step into the recording booth and create content, and I flourish creatively when working with others as well! I am always eager to create and collaborate!

The ultimate role for me would be landing a voice acting role portraying an

unforgettable character in a major animated film!




Differin | GoodGreatGrand | 2022 | Voiceover Commercial

Life or Death  |  Frank B. Goodin II |  2022  |  Voice Actor- Sexy Girl

The Great Awakening | Divad Durant | 2022 | Voice Actor- Newsreporter One

Infusion Blends | Arsun Company | 2021 | Voiceover Commercial
Differin  | GoodGreatGrand | 2021 | Voiceover Commercial

The One   |  Adam Zopf  |   2021  |   Voice Actor- Middle Seat Woman

The One   |  Adam Zopf  |   2021  |   Voice Actor- Bride

XOD July 2021 Campaign   |   XOD Network  |   2021  |   Voiceover English/Spanish

Video- Operation No Scrub  |  Tonicia Poe   |   2020  |   Narration & Character VO/Music Composer

XOD Network 2020 Expo   |   XOD Network   |   2020  |   Host​

JUNGLE  |   TPP Productions   |   2019  |   Backup Vocalist (Singer)

Healing Hearts with Toni  |   Xperienc, Inc.   |   2019  |   Producer/Host

Video- Sowaseed   |   Tonicia Poe   |   2019 |   Narration & Character VO/Music Composer

Song-Jungle  | TPP Productions. | 2018 | Background Vocals

Song-4th Street  |   Frazha -Street Sensitive  |  2018  |   Background Vocals

Rhythm City Collection 1&2  |  1993  |  Lyrics/Songwriter


TransPerfect | Transperfect International, Inc. | 2021 | Model-Natural Movement Performer

Wilberforce University Renaissance  |   WU Media Studios   |   2018  |   Voiceover Promo​

Angela Rye Bio Presentation   |  WU Media Studios   |   2018  |   Voiceover Presentation​


Toothy   |   Tonicia Poe   |   2021  |   Author/Illustrator

Inspiration From a Crazy Muse  |   Tonicia Poe   |   2020 |   Author/Photographer

Operation No Scrub   |   Tonicia Poe   |   2019  |   Author/Illustrator​

Sowaseed   |   Tonicia Poe   |   2017  |   Author/Illustrator


Celebrant   |   Madeline Walock  |   2022  |   Extra (Funeral Scene)

Civic Duty  |   Joan Ferebee   |   2022 |   Extra (Courtroom Scene)​​

 Special Skills 

Accents/Languages - Southern Country, Mid-Atlantic, Urban DC, Spanish (accent, read, write, speak), Some French (read, write, speak), Limited Arabic, Limited Italian, Learning Japanese, Fast accent/language learner, Character voices, Childlike voices, Bubbly voices, Soothing voices, Corporate voices, Eerie voices

Singing – Mezzo-Soprano, Other character singing

Miscellaneous Skills - Children’s book author, mixed-media artist, jewelry maker to include small metal work, illustrator, jingle production (children), photography, cosmetologist (formerly licensed in MD State, can style/change own hair as necessary)

Can shoot Rifle/Semiautomatic Pistol

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